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A Little History

I started this company in 2012 because I wanted good sex toys but finding them was incredibly frustrating. Local shops were intimidating and sometimes creepy.  The internet is great but not all sites are created equal. I found it overwhelming and difficult to gauge product quality.

The more I searched the less impressed I was with the choices being offered.  I learned that some sex toys were of such poor quality that they might be unsafe or made of toxic materials that shouldn’t be mingling with mucus membranes!


I knew there were better options out there somewhere and eventually I started finding them. When I did, I felt compelled to share what I’d learned and found. Because if I was having such a hard time finding quality sex toys, I knew others were too!

What you will find in Pandora’s Box is a collection of the “best of the best.” I collaborate with reputable companies who use safe materials and before I add a toy to my line up, I do a ton of research and product testing – that’s my favorite part!

Pandora’s Box can also be found selling and teaching classes at sex positive events up and down the East Coast, please come and say hello if we are at the same event!. If you live in Northern New England, you can even schedule a private event!  Contact me to learn more or if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting. Have fun and play safe!